Custom Asset Tags (for Both Fixed and Moveable Assets)

Accurately track your assets with custom asset tags and take your asset management to a whole new level. Know where each asset is, instantly pull up its maintenance schedule, and stay updated on its status all the time. Ideal for tracking everything right from your fixed high-value industrial assets and your heavy-duty equipment on the move to your office supplies or your merchandise as it moves along in your supply chain, our asset tags last their intended lifecycle.

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Built to last your asset's entire lifecycle (even in the toughest shipping/working conditions)

Our asset tags are designed keeping your assets' entire lifecycle in mind.

It doesn't matter if you need assets for your growing retail products (with a typical lifespan of a few years) or for your heavy-duty, high-value industrial and infrastructure assets that last for decades, our asset labels will outlive them.

Right from the time you stick them to your assets during the acquisition stage to the time you're ready to retire your assets, our tags will stay stuck and maintain their integrity and help you maintain your data.

Our asset tags are also designed to withstand challenging deployment and maintenance processes. Both indoors and outdoors. And in all kinds of environments: mild, moderate, and harsh.

Engineered uniquely for your industry

Every industry has its unique asset tagging needs and challenges.

For example, the asset tagging needs of a manufacturing plant are different from the asset tagging needs of a healthcare institution. For a manufacturing plant, you might need asset tags for your equipment that can take the daily wear and tear and still maintain their readability (or "scannablity!"). In contrast, a healthcare organization might need asset tags that can be used on, say, the lead aprons that the radiology healthcare professionals use (ones that are routinely exposed to UV radiation).

In both the cases, you need your asset tags to maintain their integrity. In the first one you might fall into trouble if your asset tag data gets corrupt and you fail to run a routine maintenance procedure on your equipment. Likewise, in the healthcare scenario, if the asset tags wear out because of the radiation, you could fail to replace the apron on time and face personal injury and compliance fines.

You get the idea, right?

At CleanMark Labels, we have asset label experts who will work with you through all these intricacies and more and ensure that you get the perfect asset tags that check all the boxes.

Customized to work perfectly for your application

It doesn't matter if you need low outgassing and non-particulating asset labels (that are sterilized) to use in your cleanrooms or asset tags that will survive your lab's freezer while staying dipped in liquid Nitrogen, or asset labels that will work in your long-distance, multi-point retail cycle with diverse storage and shipping conditions, our asset experts will make you just the right custom asset tags.

We also offer to make branded asset tags. So if you'd like to use your logo on your asset tags or create asset tags in your brand colors — let us know.

We can also help you pack as much information and power into your asset tags as you need. So if you need two- or four-part asset labels that store more information better or need RFID-enabled asset tags to automate your tracking and data capturing efforts, tell us! And we'll work out a cost- and performance-optimized and on spec asset label solution designed from scratch around your unique needs.

The Different Industries We Make Custom Asset Labels For

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Telecommunications

  • Marine

  • Transportation

  • Aerospace

  • Research & Life Sciences

  • Retail

  • Warehouses

  • Healthcare

  • Government

  • Military & Defense

  • Oil & Gas Utility

Standard Material and Customization Options We Offer for Our Asset Tags

The choice of material(s) for your asset tags is based on your asset lifecycle and its shipping/operating conditions. However, here are some of the specifications of our custom asset tags.

Materials: Paper, Polyester, Foil, Aluminum, Vinyl

Compatible Surfaces:  Metal, Plastic, Textured, Curved, Contoured

Operating Temperature:

Humidity & Pressure Resistance: Varied strengths are built into your labels based on your needs.

Size & Thickness: Customized to suit your application's needs.

Colors: Customized to match your brand colors.

Cutouts & Holes: Available as per your needs

Adhesives: Selected on a case-by-cases basis to ensure the best performance.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Asset Tags


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