Custom Pre-printed Barcode Labels  (for Cleanrooms & Critical Environments)

Identify, authenticate, and track your critical cleanroom equipment with high-resolution barcode labels that are low outgassing and particle + residue-free. Our barcode labels last your entire equipment lifecycle and beyond even in severe temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions.


Choose from a Wide Range of Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels

Over the 40 years, we've shipped billions of barcode labels for a wide range of industries and applications. Our barcode labels are known to perform consistently well whether they're used in critical cleanroom or harsh industrial environments or deployed in short-term usage and regular inventory management.

Designed to last the entire equipment lifecycle and beyond

Our barcode labels maintain their readability (or scannability!) throughout your equipment lifecycle and beyond.

They can be read accurately even from a large decode distance and wide scanning angles.

Our barcode labels — whether they're the compact 2D ones that can do a lot of data capturing for your cleanroom (or general application) or the simpler 1D type (used for general logistics purposes) — always maintain their integrity and you won't have to re-scan them ever.


Built for demanding Cleanroom environments

Built for a long life, our barcode labels can survive even the most challenging cleanroom and industrial environments and the most demanding applications.

Sterile, low outgassing, and particle + residue-free, our barcode labels are cleanroom certified and don't fade or fall off even after long usage.

Our sterile and chemical resistant barcode labels undergo a multi-step rigorous QA process and are thoroughly tested for surface particles and other contaminants to ensure successful application in clean environmen



  • Quality adhesive

  • Durable stock

  • Smudge-resistant

  • Customizable

  • Multiple size options

  • Bulk pricing available


  • Product tracking

  • Lot identification

  • Serial numbers

  • Shipping

  • Universal product codes (UPCs)

  • Laboratory labeling

  • Batching

  • Warehousing

  • And many more!


Engineered to meet your cleanroom or application's unique needs

It doesn't matter if your barcode labels need to survive a deep freezing cycle or if you need to stick them to your device (for example: a really tiny medical equipment that still needs a data-packed code, so you can comply with the FDA UDI rules!), we're here to help you with barcode labels that will do the job.

Just let us know where and how you plan on using your barcode labels — cleanrooms, harsh environments, fixed assets, warehouses, inventory management — and we'll create for you the most optimal barcode label solution, designed from scratch around your specific needs.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Barcode Labels


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