Sterile Blank and Pre-Printed Labels (For Cleanrooms & Critical Environments)

Get custom blank and pre-printed labels to use for your different cleanroom documentation purposes. Our blank and pre-printed cleanroom labels work perfectly with cleanroom pens and inks, so you can easily write or print your data on them. They don't smudge or fall off and maintain their integrity even in the most demanding environments and procedures.


A Wide Range of Cleanroom & Critical Environment Blank and Pre-printed Labels

Our chemical resistant blank and pre-printed labels have performed consistently in even the harshest environments across a wide range of industries and applications. They maintain their integrity and don't smudge or smear even in the most heavy-duty cleanroom environments.

Built for hassle-free documentation in cleanrooms and critical environments

Whether you need to use these for labeling your cleanroom's cryogenic storage or freezer boxes or on microscopic slides, our chemical and temperature-resistant blank and pre-printed labels stick easily to any surface and remain "stuck" while staying fully readable.

Also, our sterile blank and pre-printed labels offer long-term resistance to spraying and wiping.

Built for the tough cleanroom usage

Our pressure-sensitive blank and pre-printed labels are engineered for working perfectly in the extreme operating conditions of a typical cleanroom, including extreme temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions.

Designed to help you easily "mark" your equipment, our blank and pre-printed labels are low outgassing, particle- and reside-free.

With a long life even in the toughest cleanrooms and critical environments, our chemical resistant labels don't smudge or smear or fade away when used with cleanroom-grade supplies. They'll stay readable and hold on to the surface while helping you in your day-to-day work.

Fully customizable to meet your cleanroom or application's unique needs

Whether you need customized sterile blank or pre-printed labels for your surgical or research equipment or resilient chemical-resistant labels for your state-of-the-art cleanrooms — we can help.

Just tell where and how you intend to use these labels and we'll work with you to design your fully customized blank or pre-printed label that will withstand all that you throw at them.

Rest assured, your labeling solution will use just the right face stock, color, and adhesive that will perform the best in the unique environment or application you want to use them for.

CleanMark™ Blank & Pre-printed Labels:

CleanMark has been serving customers in a variety of business segments for more than 40 years. Our products are designed to be durable in any environment and our customer service far exceeds that of bigger suppliers. That’s why our customers keep coming back; our clients trust our supplies and our service.

Plus, we double-check every label before printing and shipping, as our quality control team ensures all of your products arrive without any errors or inconsistencies. And with top-of-the-line features, CleanMark labels could be the answer for any function. Check out our inventory or contact our team to find your labels.

Contact our team today to get more info about our many blank and preprinted labels available. We look forward to helping you label your future.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Blank & Pre-Printed


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