CleanMark Wins The Eugene Singer Award For The Sixth Time


CleanMark is excited to announce its win of the 2022 Eugene Singer Award for Management Excellence. The Eugene Singer Award is one of the most prestigious and highest honor awards for narrow web industries in North America. Each year, member converters like CleanMark participate in a TLMI Management Ratio Study for the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute. The study measures 11 factors and metrics to determine which companies have the best growth and profitability ratios for that year. The Singer Award is presented to the top four companies ranging from small to large-sized. At this year’s Converter Meeting in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, CleanMark was awarded the mid-range category for the 6th time.

President and CEO of CleanMark, Mike Martin, said a few words when accepting this honorable award. “We’re humbled. The last couple of years, as you know, have been rough for all of us. TLMI is a great organization; we’ve been a member going back to the mid-80s. It was an organization that really helped my dad, the founder of our business, Lon Martin. He was able to hand the reins over to me back in 1998. It’s a rare thing to have a generational business and have it succeed. We are very proud of that.”

Mike Martin goes on to recognize the CleanMark team for the tremendous work they’ve done-especially over the last few years. “I have to tell you the team and people we have to make it a success is over the top. Kudos to the team, employees, and all the hard work they put in.”

The last few words of Mike’s award speech were a dedication to his late father. “The last thing I want to share is dedicating this award to my father Lon Martin. I lost him a few days ago, but he loved this organization. He loved the people. He loved being at these meetings. Nothing made him prouder than winning an award-to be recognized by your peers. I’d like to give a round of applause to Lon Martin. He’s been an inspiration, a mentor, a friend, and a great father.”


Cameron McKillop