Ionis Pharmaceuticals: QR Code Labels

Ionis Pharma Case Study


Ionis Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company that specializes in discovering and developing RNA-based therapeutics. Joanna Schmidt, Lab Manager at Ionis, was in charge of overseeing over 100 lab technicians and all of the lab equipment they used. In order to improve visibility, she planned on adding QR code labels onto each piece of equipment that would give her and her team real-time information. She was in the process of evaluating label manufacturers for this project when CleanMark reached out.

The Challenge & Requirements

Ionis needed 1×1 labels with unique QR codes and an identifier number on each one. The labels needed to be moisture, temperature and chemical resistant so that they could hold up to the research lab setting. It was important that these labels could stay adhered to a variety of materials including plastic, rubber, aluminum and stainless steel.

The Process & Solution

Joanna told the CleanMark team what she was looking for and they were able to quickly provide some sample labels to test in her process. After successful testing she was able to order a full production quantity. The process was quick and easy, which allowed her to focus on moving forward innovative science instead of sourcing labels. Since working with CleanMark was so easy, Joana ordered a different batch of labels that she had been printing by hand, which saved her an additional five minutes per week.

“Working with CleanMark was quick, easy, and affordable. The project went smoothly, everyone involved was so nice and knowledgable, and I received constant updates as to the project status. I recommend CleanMark to anyone looking for label solutions!”

Joanna Schmidt, Lab Manager at Ionis

The Results

Ionis was able to fully move to using QR labels as their official asset tags and everyone in the company is now able to scan the code on the equipment to access real-time information. When the equipment is scanned, it alerts a website program so that Joanna and the team know who’s using what at any given time. Most importantly, now Ionis has a trusted partner for developing label solutions that work for their specific applications.


Cameron McKillop