Precision Applied Gamma Dots

Auto Applied Gamma Dots Case Study


This review highlights how CleanMark helped a leading provider of advanced life science pipetting solutions with a new labeling process that saved time and money. CleanMark approached the company’s manufacturing team with an introduction call and discovered that they needed help improving their process for gamma indicating identification on the growing amount of packages which transported their pipetting devices to their customers.

The Challenge & Requirements

The company’s existing process for sterile indication was to manually apply a gamma indicating ‘dot’ label to thousands of pre-printed barcode labels by hand. These labels were later applied to inner boxes for customers as well as an outer shelf carton which stores product inside the warehouse. Theoretically, this was a working process but the inconsistency (and sometimes complete lack) of gamma dot placement created confusion when trying to determine which packages actually completed the sterilization process. This inevitable misplacement combined with the increasing volume of packages was causing timely set-backs on the manufacturing floor but more Importantly, left the end customer with wavering confidence in their products. Without proof, how could they be certain that their products were successfully sterilized?

The Process & Solution

First, CleanMark Engineers identified the proper synthetic label material & adhesive construction to survive the rigorous ASTM packaging requirements for this application. Secondly, CleanMark offered a custom ‘2-in-1’ label design where the gamma indicating feature was built directly into the label itself. This feature completely eliminated the timely step of hand-applying a gamma dot like before. But, there’s more! Traditional custom gamma indicating labels entail a long indicating ‘strip’ which run along the entire border of label (see picture below).

The chemicals and materials used to make these gamma indicating features function & change color correctly can be pricey in volume, especially when large companies consume thousands of labels per day. But custom solutions don’t always have to be expensive… Sensitive to this inconvenience, CleanMark invested in the technology used to produce gamma indicating dots instead of strips, all while using the same automatic application technique. One small auto-applied gamma dot per label compared to thousands of continuous feet of a gamma strip saved a significant amount of material cost in the long run while achieving the same goal.

The Results

After gaining a deep understanding of the customer’s goals, CleanMark was able to create a more efficient label that prevented hours of future downtime while increasing peace of mind for their customers. The indirect effect of this new solution also saved them executive management team a great deal of unnecessary cost. Ultimately, they received the best of both worlds when acquiring a label that needed to fulfill a vital purpose. Most importantly, their customers could count on them to deliver parts with proof of sterilization; a priceless asset for any life science professional performing critical research.

Gamma Indicating Labels

CleanMark offers gamma sterilization indicating labels that either have an indicator strip built into them, or we can do precision placed gamma dots. Learn more about the gamma labels we offer and how we might be able to help.


Cameron McKillop