High Resolution Cleanroom Labels (Fit for ISO Certified Cleanrooms)

Get custom cleanroom labels built to withstand all kinds of extreme and controlled environments … while staying fully legible and particle + residue-free

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Choose from a Wide Range of Cleanroom Labels - from Barcodes to Safety Labels (Fully customizable to Meet Your Cleanroom's Unique Needs)

As one of the top makers and suppliers of cleanroom labels for 40+ years, we thrive to engineer labels that can survive all the extreme cleanroom environments wherever and however you want to use them.

Cleanroom Label Attributes Include:

  • Chemically Resistant Cleanroom Labels

  • Cryogenic Cleanroom Label

  • Sterilized Cleanroom Label

  • Hi & Low Temperature resistant

  • Or any other problem you need us to solve in your cleanroom



Engineered by experts, our pressure-sensitive cleanroom labels are particle-free and residue-free.

Built for low outgassing, they're fit for use in any controlled or extreme environments.

Tested for the most optimized performance, our cleanroom labels are durable, tough, and outlast the competition.



Prefer this adhesive over that? Check

Prefer this material over the others? Check

Prefer one color over the rest? Check

Need a non-standard size or shape for your cleanroom labels? Absolutely possible.

Our cleanroom label solutions are custom-designed to meet your unique needs.



We aren't a general shop for ordering cleanroom labels. We're experts at what we do, and so, often, we don't stop at the delivery. A lot of times, we take the effort to find how our products perform once deployed. Going this extra mile has has helped us proactively discover opportunities for improvement where slight redesigning helped with lowering the production cost.


When Cleanroom Labels of Other Brands Give Up, Ours Keep Fighting Your Cleanroom Extremes

Our cleanroom labels take all that you throw at them

“ [...] Cloths soaked in IPA were placed over both CleanMark’s new label and the old label. We met for about an hour on another project and came back to the demonstration at the end of that meeting. It was amazing to see how the new CleanMark label retained its integrity and complete legibility and you could not discern anything on their old label." — Bev Nelson, Account Manager, CleanMark

CleanMark™ Cleanroom Label Specifications:

CleanMark's Cleanroom Label Material: Synthetic material & colored synthetic liners based on your needs and industry (for example: gloss, matte, etc.)

Cleanroom Label Adhesives: Permanent adhesive, removable adhesive or ultra removable

Cleanroom Label Sizes: Customized to suit your needs and applications.

Cleanroom Label shapes: Available in all standard and in custom shapes as well.

Cleanroom Label Packaging: Based on your needs and industry: rolls, sheets, etc.

Need help with choosing the right specifications for your cleanroom labels? Email us at labelguy@cleanmarklabels.com or call at +1 (503)-968-8303 to talk to an expert (for a free consultation).




Order Your Customized Cleanroom Labels in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Fill out a Request for Quote/Sample.

Step #2: We'll call you to understand your needs and collect any other details we might need to give you a quote or ship your sample.

Step #3: Finally, based on your request (for a quote or sample), we'll send you either a quote for your order or ship your free sample.

Once you've got a chance to review the quote or sample with your team, we could work on the order logistics.

Brands That Trust Us to Make Their Critical Cleanroom Labels

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"We rely a lot on CleanMark’s knowledge of the different decals, labels and adhesives."


Cleanmark Stickology Series Episode 1 : Cleanroom Labels


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CleanMark™ Design and Fulfillment FAQs:

Q. What types of customizations do you support?

A: We specialize in creating fully customized cleanroom labels, so we can support your brand colors, graphics, shapes, dimensions, and so on.

Q. I'm not sure what material or adhesive will be the best for us. Can you help?

A: We'll be happy to. Just contact us via this form and our material and label experts will help you with specifications like material, adhesive, and more.

Q: What type of adhesives do you work with?

A: We support all kinds of adhesives right from the ultra removable and removable to permanent. We'll happy to recommend the most-suitable one based on your needs.

Q: How do you package the order?

A: We'll choose the most appropriate bagging style (from different options such as double bagged, shrink wrapped, UV blocking bags, cold flow not vacuum sealed, etc.) based on your order.

Q: When will I get my order?

A: How long we take to deliver your order depends on the materials used, the level of customization and more. So while we don't have a standard timeline as such but, typically, we're able to deliver an order in about six days. But when you place an order, we'll give you a fairly accurate timeline for delivery.

Q: What are the industries you can create cleanroom labels for?

A: We create labels for a host of cleanrooms across industries like Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Electronics, Consumer Products, Semiconductor, Media, Biotechnology, and many more. Email us at labelguy@cleanmarklabels.com (or call us at +1 (503) 620-0520) if you want to query about your specific industry.


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