Easy-to-apply, Durable, and Beautifully Detailed Custom Decals (for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications)

From jazzing up your heavy-duty industrial equipment and facilities to adding a dash of your brand personality to your outlets and merchandise... our decals are designed to stay on and look stunning — even with the most rugged use. Bringing even the most "detailed" logos, lettering, and artwork to life, our decals offer seamless and hassle-free transfer of the design onto the surface.

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What Are Decals? And are They Different from Stickers?

One of the #1 questions we hear about decals from our leads is: "Are decals the same as stickers?"

Well, they're two different things but people often use the terms "decals" and "stickers" interchangeably.

Basically, a decal is a design that's transferred from a material onto a surface. And a sticker is simply stuck onto it.

A decal being transferred onto a surface:


A sticker being stuck onto a surface:


Decals are the ultimate branding assets.

They're used on every imaginable user-facing interface and application.

And also for creating branded store/facility experiences.

At CleanMark Labels, we help brands pack more punch with each decal and create beautifully branded and memorable user experiences.

Designed for the day-in, day-out grind (and never show wear)

When your decals dull down, your brand image does too. And that's why we weave durability into our decals, so they appear shiny and lively even after years of repeat usage.

Our custom decals offer incredible resilience to daily wear and tear and maintain their full integrity while reinforcing your brand every time your users interact with your applications or equipment or visit your facilities.

Whether you use them on the floor of your cleanrooms or industrial spaces or on the exercise balls of your pilates fitness studio, our decals demand attention and act like your perfect brand ambassadors. Built for the toughest usage (both indoors and outdoors), our decals are designed to stay put and bright even when subject to extreme temperature and pressure conditions, chemicals, and more.

Surprisingly easy-to-apply

We know it's frustrating when you need to reapply your decals and press the areas of the design "that-didn't-stick-in-the-first-go". We also know applying decals on non-flat and unusual surfaces or applications can be quite challenging. And that's why we take care to ensure that our decals pull off easily and transfer completely, no matter where you apply them — on flat surfaces or curved, walls or floors, glass doors or metal windows.

You don't have to "adjust" to get the design right on the surface. It happens. Naturally.

Unlike most other decal solution providers, we don't just try to get your print right. But we also care about your experience applying your decals. Or even your end users' experience, for that matter.

Fully customizable to meet your application's unique decal needs

It doesn't matter how intricate your logo, lettering, or artwork is, we'll never ask you to "delete some of the detailing" to get the print right.

We'll MAKE your decals print right.

And we've a very thorough proofing process to ensure this. We'll work with you on your decals and make sure that you don't have to compromise on your creatives. You also get endless customization possibilities about the colors, shapes, sizes, materials, backings and adhesives. Of course, our decal experts are here to support you in making the most optimal choices based on your application's unique environment.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Regulatory Labels


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