Clear, Durable, and Scratch-resistant Dome Labels (For Applications In Both Critical & Non-Critical Environments)

Built to withstand even the most robust usage, our dome labels don't turn yellow, peel up from the edges, or fall off (no matter where you stick them). Also, our 3D dome labels are self-healing and stay just as shiny even in the most severe temperature, pressure, and humidity conditions.

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Get Custom Dome Label Solutions for All Your Branding and Application Needs

Over the last 40 years, we've designed dome labels for a wide range of industries and applications.

Whether it's creating particle and residue-free dome labels for critical environments such as cleanrooms or cleanzones or creating branded dome labels to stick on your products, we know when a certain ink, adhesive type, or thickness will work the best.

And when you work with us on your dome label needs, we put all our expertise at use and engineer the best dome label solution for you.


Built to "pop" and never show wear

Whether you want to use them for branding your products or for giving usage cues on your applications (for instance, to use as arrow keys on your workout application), our dome labels are designed to appear lively.

Their 3Dness is impossible to miss. Nor can you ignore the colors as they come to life under the clear "dome."

Also, when working on your dome label solution, we'll look at your application's environment, your labeling needs, and the desired impact (for example, the kind of 3D effect you're looking at) to choose the materials for creating your dome labels. It's decisions like these that make all the difference in dome labels that stick and shine, and those that get dull or fall off — and reflect poorly on your brand.


  • Appliances

  • Sporting Goods

  • Boats & Trailers

  • Computer Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Aviation

High Durability

  • Non - Yellowing

  • Weatherproof

  • Waterproof

  • Chemical & Abrasion Resistant

  • Indoor & Outdoor use

  • Automotive Grade

  • Self Healing

Built for the toughest usage (both indoors and outdoors)

Weather, water, dents, dings, chemicals, high and low temperatures and pressures — you name it, and our dome labels can stand it… while staying just as shiny and effective as the first time you applied them.

Designed for durability, our dome labels stick to the surface you apply them to irrespective of whether it's flat or curved.

Fully customizable to meet your application's unique needs

Want your dome labels to last even in the unique operating conditions of your applications? We can help — even if you've an underwater application!

Need your dome labels sized and built according to your specific needs, like being stickable on a curved low-tension surface? Let us know and we'll help you with the best dome labels custom-built for your application.

Also, with micro doming, we can help you bring even the most irregular shapes to life, if that's what your application's labeling needs are.

CleanMark™ Dome Label 5 Layer Construction:

Dome layer: Top your label with an optically clear, automotive grade, flexible urethane that will magnify your brand and protect it for years of indoor or outdoor use.  Your dome will also be mercury free, Prop 65, RoHS, and REACH compliant.

Graphic layer: 6-Color digital or screen printing. Sharp colors attract attention and make your brand look professional.

Print layer - You get to choose the printed surface from a wide variety of options including but not limited to white, colored, clear, metallic and more

Adhesive layer - Dome sticker adhesive must be able to withstand the extra resistance created by its 3D profile such as wind, abrasion, touch and more.  We’ve got you covered here too.

Liner - Your label liner protects the adhesive until the label is affixed.  Tell us about your application process and we’ll match the right liner for your application process.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Doming


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The Different Applications Where You Could Use Our Dome Labels:

(We offer custom dome label solutions for applications in both critical and non-critical environments.)

  • Branding & Promotional Materials

  • Office Equipment

  • Displays

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Defence & Military Equipment

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • Automotives

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical Equipment

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Exercise & Sports Equipment

  • Appliances & Electronics

  • Packaging Materials

CleanMark™ Design parameters:

Colors & Printing:

Four color process, spot PMS colors, and more.

Pretty much anything you can design, we can print on our wide array of digital, screen, and flexography equipment.

Sizes: Massive Flexibility!

Max: Standard label sizes can be as large as 24” x 24” (60.96cm x 60.96cm)

Min: 2mm x 2mm

Micro doming: using micro doming you can even dome letters, numbers, and irregular shapes

Height: 1.7mm to 2.2mm Note: it is possible to slightly reduce the height below 1.7mm ask about this custom feature for details.

“Ideal”: Whenever possible, try to design labels with rounded corners by increasing the radius.  This works with the natural flow of resin.

Get More Information on Our Dome Labels

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