CleanMark Terms Glossary


Is CleanMark ISO Certified?

CleanMark is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Is CleanMark RoHs compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substance)?

CleanMark is RoHS compliant. All inquiries are quoted with RoHS compliant materials.


What is CleanMark’s cleanroom level?

CleanMark's cleanroom is ISO 5 certified and is particle and residue-free.

What markets utilize CleanMark cleanroom labels?

CleanMark's cleanroom labels are specifically designed for use in the semiconductor, media, biotechnology and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

What are common uses for cleanroom tape?

Some common uses for cleanroom tape includes floor marking, semiconductor applications, caution tape, and indicators.

What materials can be used in the cleanroom?

Although almost all cleanroom label material is polypropylene, polyester is also used in the cleanroom. Cleanroom tape can also be ordered in a variety of colors and adhesives. A variety of adhesives can be supplied, from non-residue ultra-removable to aggressive permanent, exceeding the demanding needs of your critical environments.

What type of bagging is used?

The bagging is job specific. Products can be double-bagged, shrink-wrapped, or placed in UV-blocking bags (not vacuum-sealed).

What markets can CleanMark cleanroom labels serve?

CleanMark serves a variety of markets, including semiconductor, silicon wafer, biotech, medical devices, laboratory and pharmaceuticals.


What other markets does CleanMark serve?

CleanMark serves a variety of markets, including storage media, electronics, medical devices, consumer products, and industrial applications.

How will we know material and adhesive will work for what we need it to?

Our material and label experts have extensive experience and expertise. We can provide samples tailored to your specific requirements, including material, adhesive, and more, to ensure precise results.

We have certain specifications that we need to have met, does CleanMark work with certain specifications if needed?

Everything at CleanMark Labels is custom-based depending on the application, use, design and adhesives. We can work with all kinds of materials and specifications as needed.

What type of adhesives does CleanMark use?

CleanMark manufactures a variety of adhesives, including ultra-removable, removable, and permanent adhesives. The most common type of adhesive CleanMark uses is acrylic. We also use a UV-cured adhesive.

What is the turnaround time for receiving ordered products? What is the production or lead time?

The lead time can vary depending on the types of materials used in the job. For a typical order, we usually estimate about 6 working days.


Best Practices for Sample Testing

  1. Identify all applicable surfaces and substrates that you wish to test the label on
  2. Ensure that the surface being tested is clean and dry
  3. Apply the label at room temperature
  4. Press the label firmly onto the surface being tested
  5. The test should last for a minimum of 24 hours