Graphic Overlays (For Cleanrooms, Critical Environments & Commercial Applications)

Bring your cleanroom equipment and commercial applications to life with striking graphic overlays. Our resilient graphic overlays can withstand extreme temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions (and even exposure to chemicals) and still stay lively even after years of regular use.

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Graphic Overlay Tesla

Vivid Custom-made Graphic Overlays. Beautiful Control/Front Panels. Slick Membrane Switches.

Engineered for powering incredible user experiences

Forget the bland control panels you can make with all the "DIY control panel design wizards" out there … and treat your users to a solution that adds a dash of color and personality to your applications, looks awesome, and gets your users to love engaging with them.

Whether you need control panels for your commercial applications (such as the start and stop panel buttons for your treadmill or keys for your medical monitoring device) or membrane switches for your cleanroom equipment, we can help!

We have a battle-tested graphic overlay development process with steps including thorough requirement analysis, materials and processing analysis, prototyping, QA, the actual production and more.


Built for a long life, high performance, and low production costs

Our graphic overlays are designed to outlast long usages even in the most demanding operating conditions.

It doesn't matter where or how your applications are meant to be used — indoor or outdoor, in sterile or controlled environments, or in cleanrooms with routine exposure to high temperature, pressure, or humidity and tough sterilization cycles — our control panels will stay bright and alive even after regular and prolonged use.

Also, we don't just spend time into making your graphic overlays look great and stay tough, we also stack up your overlay's backend assembly thoughtfully so that we can make you a robust overlay solution that doesn't just help you stay within your budget but also brings down your overall production costs.


Read how we helped TZ Medical re-engineer their smartphone-like hand-held heart monitoring device for a better user experience, higher water resistance, and lower production costs.


Built from the ground up for your application's unique needs

Need your graphic overlays or control panels to comply with ISO and other specifications?

Or need a membrane switch for the most challenging and the tiniest part of your equipment?

Or, have specific needs about the backlit or display … let us know … and we'll work with you to create a state-of-the-art control panel for your application that ticks off every feature and functionality on your wishlist.

The Different Types of Graphic Overlays We Create (And the Different Industries We Serve)

  • Control Panel Overlays

  • Membrane Switches

  • Front Panels Overlays

  • Die Cut Overlays

  • Faceplates

  • Keypad Overlays

  • LCD, LED, & CRT Displays

  • Nameplates

  • Research

  • Electronics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotech

  • Medical device & life sciences

  • Defence

  • Semiconductors

  • Microelectronics

  • Optical Manufacturing

  • Specialised & Precision Engineering

  • Automotive



Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Graphic Overlays


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