Specialty Label Printing from LGInternational

The simple task of procuring consumables like labels can all too often turn into a time sucking game of communication tag, technical misunderstandings, and mistrust.

CleanMark Labels helps professionals like you to get the right solution easily and efficiently, so you can score a win on your to-do list, please your internal customer, and keep expenses down.

What Makes CleanMark Labels So Different?

We know how frustrating it can be to get up to speed with industry tech talk, so we've taken decades of research, learning and problem solving and used that experience to make the process of sourcing the right label for your application fast, easy and understandable. It’s what makes our specialty label printing unbeatable.

CleanMark is ISO certified and has been printing labels for 40 years. We've partnered with hundreds of customers to learn what their problems are and have encountered every scenario you can throw at us, from 180 degrees above to 20 degrees below, not to mention sun exposure, cleanrooms, and sterile environments. You name the situation and we've probably already figured out label printing solutions that will make your label stick and last there.

You have an important job to do. If you have to spend your day learning technical lingo and chasing down vendors, you won’t be able to make the impact you’re capable of making for your organization. Our specialty label printing will help you: 1) Get a fast response. 2) Get the labels you need on time. 3) Minimize expense.

Time spent playing "phone tag and follow up" isn't productive. Professionals who save time procuring the right solution for their companies can make a bigger impact in their organization. Speak with a CleanMark Stickologist today. Why? Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as finding the right solution, minimizing expense, and crossing items off your to-do list. Our custom label company can make that happen.

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Get help finding creative ways to increase your impact

Get the response you need so you can get more done

The right image with just the right stickiness and durability

You'll feel confident that you got a great value


Folks we’ve had the pleasure of serving

CleanMark is focused on you the customer. They build relationships and work strategically as a true partner should. They have a strong, dedicated team that are very passionate about what they do.
We rely a lot on CleanMark’s knowledge of the different decals, labels, or adhesives. We can depend on them to give us advice and when they see us going down the wrong road they let us know if there’s maybe a better alternative.

Drop us a note and a Label Liaison will get back to you ASAP!

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