Gamma and Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Labels (For Cleanrooms & Critical Environments)

Identify beyond doubt your sterilized and yet-to-be sterilized cleanroom equipment with indicator labels that distinctly show their sterilization status. Built to withstand your cleanroom's extreme sterilization cycles and storage and shipping conditions, our indicator labels give a consistent color change and help you assure your equipment's sterility.

Choose from a Wide Range of Cleanroom Gamma & Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Labels

… and Distinguish Between Your Processed and Unprocessed Equipment

At CleanMark, we make indicator labels that work even in the most challenging cleanroom environments and logistics. Over the last 40 years, we've created custom indicator labels for some of the most unique labeling specifications. Extremely high temperature, humidity, pressure, impossible shipping conditions, extraordinary storage requirements — you name it, and we've delivered labeling that worked for it.

We even teamed up with BD Diagnostics helping them build a custom indicator label solution. Read the full case study here.

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Engineered for easy and distinctive identification of an equipment's sterilization status

Our sterilization indicator labels help you tell, beyond a doubt, which of your equipment are sterilized and ready to use. And those that are yet to be. These chemical indicator labels change their color when exposed to your sterilization cycle or process (for example, after being exposed to a certain high temperature), thereby helping you conform to the conditions needed to reach your equipment's sterility.

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Designed to work consistently through your tough cleanroom usage

When it comes to cleanroom indicator labels, their actual cleanroom usage is just one specification that goes into engineering the right solution.

The other critical ones are its shipping and storage conditions.

These can cause indicator labels to lose their integrity even before they reach the cleanroom.

At CleanMark, we excel at creating indicator labels that maintain their integrity throughout your logistics as well. To ensure this, we'll first work with you to establish, verify, and validate the right labeling specifications. Then we get to designing a solution that works just as needed.

Our sterilization indicator labels undergo a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process to ensure that their results are accurate and easy to interpret even in your cleanroom's extreme conditions.

Also, made with the most premium materials, our indicator labels are designed to have a long-shelf life.

Fully customizable to meet your cleanroom's sterilization needs

Need your indicator labels to change in a certain way?

Want to ensure that your indicator labels' maintain their integrity even during your unique shipping and storage logistics?

Have specific needs about the material, color, shape, size, and surface compatibility?

Let us know, and we'll work with you to create a fully customized indicator label solution made from scratch around your cleanroom or application's needs.


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Indicator Labels


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