Labels that Power Progress

At CleanMark, our R&D team collaborates closely with leading suppliers of adhesives, facestocks, and inks to develop labels that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Emphasizing practical yet advanced technologies, we ensure our label solutions maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We excel at designing highly functional labels for demanding applications and have developed a reputation as the go-to solution provider for complex label challenges.

Research and Development Capabilities

Our expertise in label construction covers all areas, enabling us to handle even the most challenging requirements.

  • Advanced Materials: Our labels can be crafted from advanced materials such as Tedlar and Kapton, ensuring exceptional durability and effectiveness.
  • Custom Inks: We employ custom inks for our sterilization indicators, guaranteeing clear color changes and reducing waste.
  • Unique Adhesives: Our labels utilize specialized adhesives that provide strong adhesion and long-lasting staying power.
  • Cleanroom Compatibility: Our labels are designed to meet strict cleanroom standards, making them suitable for use in contaminant-controlled environments.
  • Enhanced Sterilization Processing: We now offer quicker delivery times, with options as fast as 3-7 days compared to the standard 4-week turnaround.
  • Cold Storage Durability: Our cold storage labels are designed to either remain permanently intact or be cleanly removed after extreme cold application.
  • Chemical Resistance: We offer a range of materials, including hand-writable, direct thermal, and thermal transfer options, that remain legible even when submerged in aggressive solvents.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Our labels are engineered with unique blends of label material and ink ribbons to resist both long-term static and kinetic friction.
  • Conformable Labels: We can create labels that adhere smoothly to irregular surfaces, such as IV bags and ampoules, ensuring a secure and reliable bond.

Our Product Development Process

At CleanMark, we pride ourselves on delivering labels that perfectly meet your needs. It all starts with listening to you.

  • Understanding Needs: We start by getting to know the specific challenges and requirements of our customers.
  • Idea Generation: Our team brainstorms and conceptualizes solutions that align with these needs.
  • Feasibility Check: We assess the practicality of these ideas, considering materials and technical aspects.
  • Prototype Creation: Promising concepts are turned into prototypes for testing.
  • Testing for Standards: These prototypes undergo strict testing for durability and compliance with cleanliness standards.
  • Ensuring Compliance: We prioritize meeting all regulatory standards throughout development.
  • Launch and Support: After thorough testing and compliance checks, we launch the new products and offer continuous support.

If you're looking to develop a new label or facing label challenges, we invite you to connect with us. Let CleanMark be your partner in navigating the complexities of label solutions, ensuring your success with every step. Contact us today to explore how our expertly designed labels can benefit your business.

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