Custom High-resolution Industrial and Commercial Laser Engraving and Etching Services

Bring even the smallest details of your data or design to life with our high-precision custom laser engraving and etching services. Engineered to have the perfect depth and effect, our laser engraving and etching ensures that the data or design engraved or etched into your applications don't just look great but also maintain their integrity even when exposed to extreme temperature and pressure conditions, harsh environments, and rugged use.

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End-to-end Custom Laser Engraving and Etching Services

At CleanMark Labels, we've engineered custom laser engraving and etching solutions for hundreds of applications across tens of industries.

No metal is too hard, and no surface is too delicate for our high-precision laser engraving and etching. Whether it's laser engraving an ID into the metallic part of a very small medical device or engraving a QR code into a delicate label, or even engraving a glass syringe, our laser engraving and etching experts work out the most "permanent" and cost-effective solution each time.

We've a thorough custom laser engraving and etching process that accurately captures every single detail of the pattern/data to be engraved and etched. Not just that, we also focus on getting the depth just right — so you can forget cracks.

Also, from engraving challengingly small parts of even the smallest devices to engraving heavy industrial equipment and industrial facilities or even office premises, for that matter, our custom laser engraving services produce stellar results, no matter the size or the intricacies of the pattern (or data) to be engraved or etched.

Why So Many Industries Use Custom Laser Engraving and Etching as a Substitute to Traditional Labeling Solutions

Low-maintenance. Because laser engravings and etchings are "permanent" in nature, businesses can engrave/etch a product or part once and they're set for their entire lifecycles, despite the usage conditions. Traditional labels often come with a shelf-life and need replacements, thereby potentially causing a loss of time, endangering accuracy, and lowering productivity for manufacturing and maintenance procedures.

Compatibility with materials. Because laser engraving and etching are chemical-free processes, they're compatible with many materials. From glass to plastic and metal, laser engraving and etching work for most of the materials industrial applications use.

Eco-friendly. Unlike other methods of labeling, laser engraving and etching produce minimum waste (in the form of dust), thereby making them an environmentally friendly way of labeling products.

Non-contact method. Because of the non-contact method laser engraving and etching use, the risk of damaging the products being engraved or etched is eliminated.

Safe. Again, because laser engraving and etching are chemical-free processes that only use light, they're safe for the end users and consumers.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Aerospace Industry

Because of the permanent nature of the results laser engraving produces, it's the go-to labeling technique for many critical industries like the Aerospace industry.

Assembling an aircraft — and even maintaining it — involves handling and tracking hundreds of precision parts, making product identification a key part of the industry. Also, because aircrafts fly at high altitudes and are routinely exposed to high stress and pressure conditions, it's important that the identification details (serial numbers, identification marks, etc.) these products carry maintain their integrity for their full lifecycle.

For marking all these parts and more, custom laser engraving offers the most ideal, reliable, and permanent solution, that can also stand all that an aircraft has to.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductors — or part-conductors of electricity — are some small, but very complex assemblies.

The minuscule elements that make up a semiconductor (such as ceramics, insulators, metals, etc.) need to be precisely marked in order to be used correctly.

But because of their challengingly small sizes, traditional labeling solutions don't work so well for them. Custom laser engraving comes handy here making it possible to engrave/etch data like serial numbers and identification marks even into the smallest semiconductor parts.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Electronics Industry

As companies reimagine how electronics look and work — making the different parts used to make them ultra-small and thin, delicate, molded, flexible (and even stretchable in many cases) — traditional labeling of the parts (such as by sticking labels and stickers) becomes impossible.

Here's where laser engraving and etching help.

With laser engraving and etching, all these parts can be accurately and safely engraved/etched with their identification details such as IDs, serial numbers, and more, thereby making production easy.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Healthcare and Medical Industry

Custom laser engraving offers an excellent alternative for marking, identifying, and tracking all the tiny parts that make medical devices, throughout their manufacturing cycle.

By adding easily readable serial numbers and other important identification and calibration markings, laser engraving and etching help medical and healthcare solution providers improve their production speed by boosting product/part identification and traceability.

Not just that, laser engraving and etching are also a patient-friendly and safe option for medical and healthcare products that are to be used directly on patients.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Automotive Industry

The use of laser engraving and etching in the automotive industry is quite similar to their use in the Aerospace industry, i.e., mainly for securing permanent marking and identification of the parts for the manufacturing and assembly processes and for their maintenance.

From Vehicle Identity Numbers to permanent and indestructible identification marks on the smallest bearings and valves, laser engraving and etching find lots of applications in the automotive industry.

Custom Laser Engraving in the Banking, Security, and Defence Industry

Among its other applications in these industries, custom laser engraving allows them to issue tamper-proof ID cards. With laser engraving, companies often engrave a grayscale photo of the card holder into the card body, thereby extending the life of the card when the photo or its color wears out and also securing it against photo tampering.

Laser engraving also allows these institutions to engrave a card holder's personal details "inside" the card in a way that it's invisible to people but can be easily read, processed, and validated by the authorized people by use of a decoding lens.

Another popular use case for laser engraving in these industries is assuring legitimate access to critical documents.

Custom Laser Engraving for Products/Personalizations

Finally, another and very common use case for laser engraving and etching is personalization.

Companies often secure better visual branding by personalizing their equipment, infrastructure, facilities and more by engraving or etching them with their logos, mascots, and tag lines.

Laser engraving and etching, with their indestructible results and compatibility with multiple surfaces, offer excellent results for such branding campaigns. Also, because laser engraving and etching are eco-friendly, user-friendly, and cost-effective, they're the go-to means for personalizations for many companies.


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