Clear, Durable, and Scratch-resistant Lenses and Electronic Displays Custom-built for Your Applications

Get flat, molded, or contoured cover lenses and displays custom-built for your applications. Our lenses perform — optically, visually, physically, mechanically, thermally, and chemically just the way you want — and amp up your overall user app experience.

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Custom Cover Lenses and Display Solutions for Your Commercial & Industrial Applications

At CleanMark Labels, we love making our clients' applications look their absolute best.

Lenses and electronic displays play such a big role in the overall aesthetics and user experience of an application, we pay close attention to getting it right. Each time, and for every application.

Designed to look great

It doesn't matter if your application is a simple thermometer with a display or some savvy digital signage, it will come alive under our crystal clear lenses and crisp displays.

Highly glossy and transparent, our lenses are anti-glare and hard-coated for enhanced user experience and sturdiness. They sport good mechanical strength and maintain their dimensional stability even after long-term use.

Also, because it's mainly through the display that your users interact with your application, we take every effort to ensure that it's truly representative of the quality of your underlying application.


Tested for tough usage

We don't just make slick-looking lenses and displays — we make them tough as well.

With built-in toughness, our custom shatter-resistant lenses and displays offer high optical clarity and resistance to weather, humidity, chemicals, high and low temperatures and pressures, rough handling, and much more, while still staying sharp

Not just that, with excellent biocompatibility, medical-grade resins, and anti-microbial properties, you can use them in sterilized healthcare facilities as well. We can also make them to work in cleanroom environments.

Engineered from scratch for your application's unique needs

At CleanMark Labels, we have domain experts that specialize in lens/display geometry, construction, coatings and formats, and can engineer a unique lens and display solution that optimizes clarity and durability for your unique case.

We'll work closely with your engineering team on everything from designing the lenses and material sourcing all the way through production, integration and testing in real-world deployment/applications.

If you need to print text, graphics or molded geometrics that must support ultrasonic welding and drilling on your lenses and displays, just tell us! We'll make something that'll work perfectly for you.

The Different Industries You Could Use Our Lenses and Displays In

  • Appliances & Electronics

  • Office Equipment

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Defence & Military Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • Consumer Products

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical Devices

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Exercise & Sports Equipment


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Lenses


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