Leaving an Impression

Formerly LGInternational, Lgi commissioned Sincerely Truman to partner in a rebrand by creating an improved brand experience. Lgi has always prided themselves on leaving a lasting impression with their clients. One of the ways we embody this is with a business card that highlights our unique printing and converting capabilities. The previous business cards were a brushed silver polyester and emphasized our ability to incorporate unique materials in our printing processes. It was imperative to use the opportunity of a new logo to create a business card that highlighted some of the new capabilities we have added in the past few years. Sincerely Truman and Lgi set out to create a card that was unforgettable and demonstrated why Lgi continues to be an industry leader in designing and implementing difficult print and material science solutions.

  The front of Lgi’s business cards featuring an embossed 3D polymer and debossed laser cut reveals

The front of Lgi’s business cards featuring an embossed 3D polymer and debossed laser cut reveals



A Fine Line: Balancing Features and Aesthetics

Lgi’s engineers and marketing department went to work brainstorming the capabilities that our customers would find compelling. According to Research and Development Lead, Michael LeFebvre, “The challenge was how many features to include and where to draw the line!” Trying not to get too carried away with the design, we had to get very intentional around what features would show capability and then balance that with what would translate aesthetically to a business card that left an overall impression of the brand experience we wanted to present. The final challenge then became to create something that could be manufactured efficiently and in accordance with our stringent quality standards.

 The rear of Lgi’s business cards featuring subsurface printing as well as opaque, translucent and transparent ink

The rear of Lgi’s business cards featuring subsurface printing as well as opaque, translucent and transparent ink



“Paper or Plastic?”

Lgi’s new business card is an example of both function and decoration. It showcases an organic material that has been joined to a synthetic material in a manufacturing process consisting of multiple disciplines. The face of the business card is manufactured by combining a specific ratio of hardwood and softwood cellulose fibers that have been deep-dyed in a rich black pulp suspension. Laser through-cuts reveal a glimpse of the synthetic polyester back, while a printed 3D polymer structure of the company logo stands proud of the surface, providing a truly unique tactile effect. This 3D polymer has been referred to as our company’s fingerprint, evoking beautiful symbolism for our new branding. The rear of the card is sub-surface printed with a digital U.V. curing process and shows three states of light transmission, ranging from completely opaque, to translucent and then on to transparent. Due to the fact that the ink is printed on the backside of the polyester, the Lgi employee’s personal information is not compromised by abrasion, moisture or chemical attack.

Making our own business cards has always been important to Lgi. It is one of the many ways we get to showcase our distinct capabilities and display our creativity. It is also a great opportunity to show our customers the value of working with sales people that think differently and an engineering team that can deliver on those unique solutions.
— Mike Martin, President, Lgi


Old Meets New

Blending materials, disciplines and printing/manufacturing processes allows this business card to represent the present, while looking to the future and building upon our past. Over the past 36 years in the printing industry, Lgi has developed an expertise with unusual processes and materials, and we continue our experimenting with new processes and materials on a daily basis in order to arm our customers with the tools necessary to overcome their print and material science challenges. The Lgi of today is a company at the cross roads of print and material science. We are also a company at the cross roads of past and emerging technologies. A business card that has a wood fiber front, bonded to a plastic, synthetic rear, is the perfect metaphor for a company using its potential to explore a bright future for our customers.

Come on in to pick up the Lgi business card and see for yourself why everyone’s talking about it!