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Extreme environment cleanroom labels

This case study customer aspires to be the best healthcare company in the world and is dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow. CleanMark has been a part of enabling this customer to achieve that vision since 2007 with CleanMark cleanroom labels.

Since 2007, CleanMark has been successfully solving a variety of extreme environment cleanroom label identification challenges, resulting in a long, successful partnership. The story began when CleanMark identified that this customer was modifying one of their cleanroom processes to accommodate a cleanroom label that did not support their desired approach.

When an old friend needs a hand

CleanMark has had a strong business relationship with ALTEK for over a decade. Using today’s most sophisticated injection molding equipment, the manufacturer supplies close-tolerance parts to companies in the aerospace, medical and industrial markets.

ALTEK was approached by Precor—a manufacturer of exercise equipment—to produce the control panels for a line of new elliptical machines. One particular component of the panel, the D-Pad, required a printed component that ALTEK needed help with. They turned to us for our expertise.


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“Amsterdam, we have a problem.”

BD Diagnostics is a medical technology company that sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products. BD was having issues with a gamma radiation/sterilization indicator label they were purchasing from a company in the Netherlands.

How a cold call turned cryogenic

Henkel is the world leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings for consumers, craftsmen and industrial applications. When CleanMark first approached Henkel with a cold call, they didn’t express any immediate interest in doing business together. But over the course of that first conversation, the CleanMark salesperson was able to pique their interest in our capabilities. Henkel eventually described one very specific problem they were having with labels used in cryogenics that CleanMark might be able to help them with.


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A device for passive patient metrics

TZ Medical manufactures a hand-held device used by heart patients to monitor instances of arrhythmia called the Aera CT. About the size of a modern smartphone, the device gathers and reports data to the patient and his or her physicians. It also transmits information, which can be collected for FDA trials. To fit into the daily lives of the patients, the device needed to be water-resistant and allow the LCD display to be clearly viewed.