Ep 01 - Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Greetings from Haystack Rock on the wild and beautiful Oregon Coast.

This month the crew and I would like to share a trip we took to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the filming of our inaugural episode of Make Work Personal.

We so appreciate the fact that you trust us to play a labeling role in the operation of your company.

Work makes up a big portion of our waking hours, so that makes who we spend our work time with very important!

That’s why we strive to make work as personal for you as we possible can.

It’s not always easy in the age of automation and digital separation, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still try right?

Haystack Rock MWP MeMev2.png

We are blessed here in Pacific Northwest to have not only the quality of geographic and natural beauty that we do, but also the diversity! In the space of just a few hours of driving we can be on the beach, the temperate rainforest, raging white water, placid lakes, mountains, deserts, caves and more.

Our goal for this series is to share our incredible resource with you wherever you are and to give you a mini adventure right from your office desktop.

We hope that you enjoy the scenery!


The crew at CleanMark

Make Work Personal!