Custom Printed Flexible Electronics For  Commercial & Industrial Applications

Get paper-thin, high-performance printed electronics and take your applications to the next level. From creating a simple printed electronic-powered wearable to a very complex stretchy electronic skin and everything in between, you can use our custom printed electronics for virtually every application. Our flexible electronics work with all the components you work with (sensors, actuators, batteries, communication devices — you name it!) and bring your adaptive future-ready apps to life.

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What are Printed Electronics?

Printed electronics are electronic circuit boards that are printed on flexible substrates (unlike the traditional rigid, bulky, and rectangular circuit boards) using special electrically functional conductive, insulating, or luminescent inks.

Printed electronics make "embedding" possible in devices where traditional circuit boards can't . Think wearables — for instance.

Printed electronics offer:

- Dramatically lower fabrication and production costs.

- Total design flexibility.

- And significantly lower energy-consumption than traditional circuit boards.


Get Custom Printed Electronics Solutions for Your Commercial  & Industrial Applications

At CleanMark Labels, we specialize in creating energy and cost-effective custom printed electronics for commercial and industrial applications across a wide range of industries.

From rapid prototyping to printing the most optimized flexible electronics that meet your design, technical, functional, and budget specifications, our custom printed electronic solutions have got you covered.

IOT-ready, intelligent, and smart printed circuitry

Part microelectronics, part magic: These printed electronics give you a low-cost but powerful means for creating intelligent applications.

Whether it's creating anti-counterfeiting, rewritable smart labels powered by microcircuits or gloves featuring sensors to track movement accurately, printed electronics give you the power to break away from  the traditional form and factors and design your applications in the most innovative ways.

Applications powered by printed  circuitry aren't just lightweight and portable but are powerhouses for storing data, collected automatically. These flexible electronics are capable of capturing and sharing thousands of data points, thereby truly enabling the Internet of Things!

Ultra-thin & lightweight but incredibly powerful printed boards

Printed electronics look deceptively delicate — but they're meant for tough use!

At CleanMark Labels, we pack a lot of muscle into these paper-thin circuit boards and get them to work just as their bulky traditional counterparts. Their conductive ink pixels — no lesser than highly conductive "wires" — don't miss any signal and work just as flawlessly even when stretched or rolled.

Whether it resisting water splashes or difficult temperature ranges, these lean and mean flexible electrical circuit boards can be made to do more than you can imagine.

Smart chips reimagined and re-engineered for your unique application

Printed electronics offer unlimited possibilities … and so we have our domain experts (across the design, material, and engineering fields) meticulously decide all that will go into making the most robust printed  circuitry for your specific application.

And we don't stop at functional!

We keep perfecting it until we know we have a printed electronics solution for your application that's optimized for a super-high performance as it can be; meanwhile, keeping your production costs at a minimum.

Also, we make it work, and don't suggest changes that compromise your application's aesthetics or other factors. Whether you need printed electronics for a challengingly small medical monitoring device or for an underwater headgear, our printed electronics experts will build for you a state-of-the-art circuitry that meets your specs!

The Different Applications You Could Use Custom Printed Electronics For

  • Appliances & Electronics

  • Packaging Materials

  • Office Equipment

  • Displays

  • Defence & Military Equipment

  • Consumer Goods

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical and Healthcare Equipment

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Exercise & Sports Equipment


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Printed Electronics / Membrane Switches


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