Make Work Personal

Born from Frustration and Friendship

Mike Martin, owner of CleanMark, and his executive team were frustrated with his company’s lack of growth. They had state of the art facilities in the US, China, and Malaysia. They had worked hard to innovate and retool every aspect of his operations. CleanMark production performance was second to none. Financial performance was superior to industry peers. Clients were happy with pricing value, great on-time performance and great quality. All the metrics looked fantastic. 

To get to this point they had been innovative and unconventional. They were willing to think outside of the box. But one thing was still missing: growth remained elusive, and it felt like time to shake things up again. Mike and his team enjoyed solving label technology issues, but that wasn’t enough to increase the company’s visibility and growth. The team knew that there had to be a way to grow AND have more fun doing it.

And at just the right time—things always seem to happen at ‘just the right time’—Mike reconnected with an old friend, Toby LaVigne. Toby had been working on the exact problem Mike was facing: “How do you grow your company (or your career) in a way that’s fun and sustainable for everyone involved?”

Toby’s approach blended marketing, sales, leadership, personal and professional development, and strategy all in one.  And although Toby was working primarily with CEO’s, it’s not just a CEO challenge. You see, so many aspects of how we used to live and work are just not working as well as they did just decades ago! We’re witnessing a transition into a new and different economy and it’s forcing us to re-examine our definitions of success and the methods we use to achieve it.

You see, the closer Mike looked at work and life, the more convinced he became that it’s time for a change.

Well, Mike’s executive team and Toby had a lot of conversations, which ultimately led to three very big decisions.

First, Mike and his team decided they wanted to change how they worked with customers.

Second, they wanted to break free from convention and boldly tackle the challenge of making work personal.

And third, in order to realize this bold dream, they would need to round out their team with a player that had different strengths. So they asked Toby to take on the role of CEO to help them with their audacious goal. Toby was up for the challenge and keen on helping Mike and his team to put CleanMark Labels on the map.

Since they began, the team has already taken many bold steps to Make Work Personal at CleanMark, and there’s a lot more to come!