Regulatory Labels, Pictograms & Stickers for Compliance with FDA, OSHA, ANSI, and Other Labeling Regulations

Comply with all the labeling laws that apply to your industry with our custom regulatory labels. Built for a long and robust use, our regulatory labels don't just help you stay compliant, but also improve your workplace health and safety by protecting your staff and end-users/consumers, warning them about any associated hazards and risks.

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Get Custom Regulatory Label Solutions for All Your Labeling Compliance Needs

At CleanMark Labels, we've helped hundreds of our clients achieve labeling compliance with our regulatory labels, pictograms, and stickers. We've created these for every major legal labeling framework in a host of regulated industries.

A labeling compliance partner you can trust

Executing a labeling compliance program is complex, to say the least.

With all the back and forth on the content, artwork, reviews, timelines, filing, submissions and approvals, there are many points where discrepancies can creep in.

The results? Product rollbacks, hefty compliance fines in regulatory audits — and worst of them all — health and safety risks for your people or your consumers.

To save you from these, we don't just use our proven label-making expertise to create state-of-the-art labels for you, but we also work closely and methodically with your labeling compliance resources as their "labeling compliance partner". We've created millions of regulatory labels across many industries — and we bring our regulatory label-making experience to the table!


Powering labeling compliance even in tough environments

Regulatory labels — whether they're the FDA-compliant labels for use in your medical equipment or the OSHA-compliant security signage stickers for your industrial facilities — are often subject to water (or humidity), chemicals, rough usage, high and low temperatures, pressures and more.

At CleanMark Labels, we thoroughly test our regulatory labels to perform (both maintain their integrity and stay "stuck") when subject to all these factors and more. We don't just design them to look sharp and striking, but also for enhanced durability.

Fully customizable regulatory labels to meet your application's unique needs

It doesn't matter if you need regulatory labels for your clinical electronic thermometers or regulatory safety stickers for your sterile cleanroom facilities — we can help!

Over the last 40 years, we've supported some of the most demanding legal labeling frameworks across many industries and hundreds of applications. From multi-lingual regulatory labels to avant-garde regulatory stickers with precautionary sentences and signal words for the most impossible environments, we've shipped them all!

Just let us know the legal framework and your application environment you are wanting to comply with and we'll make you regulatory labels that'll save you from legal regulatory hassles, your staff from your workplace hazards, and your end consumers from any product risks.

The Different Regulatory Labeling Frameworks You Could Use Our Regulatory Labels, Pictograms, and Stickers For

Here are some of the most popular labeling legal frameworks our clients use our regulatory labels to conform to.


  • ICAO

  • IMDG

  • ASTM

  • UL

  • FDA

  • OSHA

  • ANSI

  • RohS

  • WEEE


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Regulatory Labels


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