Ep 02 Believe me! Mount Hood, Oregon

Greetings sales warriors!

This month I climbed Mt. Hood to bring you some golden sales wisdom that I hope will make you standout like Bigfoot at the Bald is Beautiful Convention.

Customers are listening for two things and watching for another to decide who to trust, and ultimately who to buy from.

Sincerity and Competence

We are all listening for a certain amount of sincerity and competence. We all place more emphasis on one over the other. So we have a tendency to over emphasize what WE are most concerned about.

But here is the rub - our prospects and customers (as well as everyone else in our lives by the way) also have a preference. And when our concern and their concern don’t line up? Well, trust is harder to achieve.

Wise sales people balance their approach and listen for their customers concern.

All the while they are also watching us for something; Integrity.

And by integrity I don’t just mean ethics and morals, I mean do our words and our actions line up?

Do we do what we say we will do?

Talk is cheap, it’s actions and results that really tell us who to trust.

So if a prospect isn’t ready to trust us with an order, how do we demonstrate trust?

Answer: Micro promises.

Mt. Hood MWP Meme V3.png

Look for and even create opportunities to be useful to your prospect AND demonstrate your capacity to be trusted.

It’s like bowling, stack up the pins of micro promises then knock em down!

Pretty soon you’ll be racking up points on the trust scoreboard in their brain.

And sooner or later, (remember persistence, consistency and curiosity from last month?) you’ll get your first order.

Always remember that revenue is a consequence of fulfilling our purpose as sales people. When we truly serve, people notice, you get new opportunities, and revenue growth is bound to follow.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to email me anytime at labelguy@cleanmarklabels.com

Until next time,

Keep Selling with Purpose

Toby LaVigne

CEO - CleanMark Labels

Ep 01 Standing Out - Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR

Greetings fellow sales warriors,

I hope you’re having a great month.

Our video crew and I took a trip out to the Oregon Coast recently to film a short, and hopefully, helpful sales video.

Sales is a tough job and we can use all the help we can get right?

This month’s topic is “Standing Out”.

Specifically, how do we as sales people stand out from all the other sales people that are constantly pestering our customers and prospects. Let’s face it, not everyone in our profession is an ideal representative of what we do.

The poor behavior demonstrated by many of our, ahem, peers, is a double edged sword.

On the one hand they make give customers and prospects good reason to be cynical, skeptical, and hard to reach.

And on the OTHER hand, they make it EASY for us to outshine them.

Heck, just doing what we say we will do, when we say we’ll do it, automatically puts us a level above most competitors.

But if you want to separate yourself even further here are three really easy, but all too often overlooked opportunities. Do not underestimate the power of these simple practices. Sales is no more complicated than this.

Haystack Rock MWP MeMev2.png

1 - Persistence - It’s funny, people often complain about sales people, but I have had MANY experiences where my persistence got the attention of a prospect in a very good way. Several have literally called me back to say something like, “You know, it’s rare that someone doesn’t quit. The fact that you haven’t tells me that I can count on you.” WOW!

2 - Consistency - Consistency may sound a very similar to persistence, and it is, but I want to point out a subtle extra layer that prospects are listening for: Discipline. Persistence says you don’t quit, but consistency says you are disciplined. Pick a rhythm you can sustain and don’t quit!

3 - Curiosity - Being curious about your prospect tells them you really do care about them. Just a little research can go a long way. Check out their Linkedin profile, Google their industry and find out what the hot topics are. Then build some questions and use them in voice mails, live conversations and emails. SHOW -THEM-YOU-CARE!

Remember that revenue is a consequence of fulfilling our purpose as sales people. When we truly serve, persistently and consistently with a curious heart, people notice, you start to STAND OUT, and revenue growth becomes inevitable.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to email me anytime at labelguy@cleanmarklabels.com

Until next time,

Keep Selling with Purpose

Toby LaVigne

CEO - CleanMark Labels

A Definitive Guide to Mastering the Four Faces of the Procurement Specialist 

The role of procurement is rapidly evolving from vendor gatekeepers to strategic facilitators. The modern procurement specialist must be an expert on multiple fronts—serving internal customers, collaborating with external suppliers, managing data, and devising company solutions.

Peter Smith of Spend Matters identified four faces of a procurement specialist:

Enabling Simplicity

Enabling Simplicity

The Backstory

This case study customer aspires to be the best healthcare company in the world and is dedicated to providing leading innovations and solutions for tomorrow. CleanMark has been a part of enabling this customer to achieve that vision since 2007 by solving a variety of extreme environment cleanroom label identification challenges, resulting in a long, successful partnership. The story began when CleanMark identified that this customer was modifying one of their cleanroom processes to accommodate a cleanroom label that did not support their desired approach.

Hitting Our Creative Stride

Hitting Our Creative Stride

When An Old Friend Needs a Hand

CleanMark has had a strong business relationship with ALTEK for over a decade. Using today’s most sophisticated injection molding equipment, the manufacturer supplies close-tolerance parts to companies in the aerospace, medical, and industrial markets.

ALTEK was approached by Precor—a manufacturer of exercise equipment—to produce the control panels for a line of new elliptical machines. One particular component of the panel, the D-Pad, required a printed component that ALTEK needed help with. They turned to us for our expertise.