Tamper Evident Security Labels (For Cleanrooms & Critical Environments)

Protect the integrity of your cleanroom equipment with custom security labels that unmistakably indicate any attempted tampering. Low outgassing and particle + residue-free, our tamper evident security labels work in any temperature, humidity, or pressure conditions you throw at them.

Choose from a Wide Range of Cleanroom Security Labels & Easily Identify Compromised Equipment

We know when a certain type, shape, or design of a security label is more suitable than the others for the application at hand. And we're here to offer you our expertise that we've developed over the last 40 years creating optimal security label solutions for even the most extreme environments.

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Built to the core to tamper-proof your cleanroom

Our cleanroom tamper evident security labels help you detect tampering before it's too late. These security labels show unmistakable visual signs of tampering, thereby helping you stop the compromised component from entering your cleanroom infrastructure or production.

Not just that, our tamper evident labels aren't your regular security labels that someone with a "skilled hand" can manipulate. Our labels undergo a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process to ensure their best performance in your cleanrooms.

Also, the way we design and create them and the high-quality materials we use make intact removal impossible.


Built for the tough cleanroom usage

Optimized for the best performance in the extreme ranges of temperature, humidity, and pressure in a typical cleanroom, our pressure-sensitive security labels maintain their "anti-tamper effect" and work with full accuracy.

Their "shelf life" ceases to be a problem as these labels are designed to be durable and last the critical cleanroom environments for a long time.

Also, unlike many commercial grade security labels, our cleanroom labels don't need to stay put for hours before being effective. They work as soon as applied.

Fully customizable to meet your cleanroom's unique needs

Need your security labels to work on a particular surface?

Want to display a certain branded pattern or message when removed from the application?

Or, have specific needs for the material, color, and shape?

We get it — your security label needs might be unique, and that's why we offer fully customized security label solutions as well. Our custom security labels are designed from scratch around your needs.

The Different Industries We Make Tamper Evident Security Labels For

(In addition to cleanrooms, we offer custom tamper evident security label solutions for non-critical environments and applications as well.)

  • Research

  • Electronics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotech

  • Medical device & life sciences

  • Defense


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Tamper Evident Security


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