General Purpose Cleanroom Tape

CleanMark's General Purpose Cleanroom Tape is tailored for environments demanding high cleanliness standards. It's a versatile and effective sealing solution, designed to minimize contamination risks across a wide range of cleanroom applications. This tape is engineered to maintain the integrity of cleanrooms by ensuring that products, from sensitive equipment to biotechnological materials, are kept free from environmental contaminants.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Minimizes Contamination: Our tape is made with materials that effectively reduce particle and residue contamination, which is vital for preserving cleanroom conditions.
  • Product Protection: Ensures items remain uncontaminated from packaging to use, safeguarding against environmental pollutants.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for diverse applications within cleanrooms:
  • Sealing plastic bags and boxes containing sensitive equipment.
  • Closing containers with medical or pharmaceutical products.
  • Packaging electronic components to shield from dust.
  • Protecting biotechnological materials from external contaminants.
  • Labeling and Identification: Perfect for labeling containers, equipment, or shelves in cleanrooms, without the particle shedding common in regular tapes.
  • Securing Protective Garments: Useful for sealing protective garment openings, like gloves, boots, or hoods, to block contaminants.
  • Temporary Fixation: Efficient for temporarily holding objects or materials in place, avoiding residue and contamination.
  • Splicing and Joining Materials: Ideal for splicing or joining materials in cleanrooms without introducing contaminants.
  • Equipment and Tool Mounting: Ensures equipment and tools stay in place, maintaining a contaminant-free environment.
  • Patch and Repair: Suitable for minor patching or repairs, crucial in maintaining an airtight and clean environment.

With CleanMark's General Purpose Cleanroom Tape, enhance the safety and compliance of your cleanroom operations. Reach out to us to discover how our tape can contribute to maintaining the pristine condition of your cleanroom environment.


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