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Toby LaVigne

AKA: “Thor’s Hammer,” “Boston Toby,” “Polar Force”

Toby LaVigne's against the grain journey is a powerful example.  He is a born fighter with the passion, discipline, and vision to transcend the unsustainable management practices of the industrial era.  His fierce commitment to uncovering a better way lead to an impossibly long list of adventures, experiments, successes and failures. Four decades later, Toby has uncovered the art and science of true prosperity and freedom that he calls the NEXT American Dream.

Some of Toby's Professional Experience:

Toby LaVigne is a been-there, done-that entrepreneur/CEO  who not only understands, but has experienced, first hand, the unique challenges and issues you face as a CEO/owner/leader of your business -- whether they be ownership structure, strategy, marketing, finance, raising capital, deploying technology as a business strategy or exiting or transitioning the business.

Toby is a well-rounded go-to advisor, willing to roll up his sleeves to seize opportunities and solve problems.  With Toby, you expand the capabilities of your team and business by a factor of 3 times or more.

Positive, creative, can do problem solver, smart, ethical++, great to work with/for!!!  If you want to grow your business more effectively, Toby is your guy. - John Colosimo, Principal, Focus Point

“Toby was always my favorite meeting to have because of his enthusiasm for everything we would work on, his ability to work with business partners to help solve problems specific to his company, and his dynamic personality which led us to become great friends outside of the workplace. Toby is a great leader and someone I have always gone to when I needed help solving a problem.” Dave JenkinsCEO, Conversion Associates

“I am a fellow member of the Young Presidents Organization with Toby. I found Toby to be one of those rare individuals who will actually execute a vision rather than just talk about it. I've seen him do things that take great personal courage and when he decides to get something done it happens and happens well.”  Michael LaBrieOwner, Compass Point Retirement Planning, Inc

“Toby LaVigne is one of the most insightful guys in business today. His energy level and unique perspective is refreshing and inspiring.” Jack BaileyPresident & CEO, IDC-USA

  • 20+ years experience as CEO

  • 20 year member of the Young President’s Organization including 9 years of chapter and board leadership. As well as champion of numerous events.

  • 2-time YPO International Best of the Best award winner for Service Excellence Seminars

  • A brief experiment with Vistage

  • 10+ years with the Strategic Coach program

  • MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business

  • Stanford Executive MBA

  • Active angel investor

  • Raised over $20 million in venture capital

  • Negotiated multi million dollar financing, multiple times

  • Operations - has had and managed 100+ employee payrolls as well as 24/7/365 manufacturing operation 

  • Multiple patent holder

  • Creator of a number of unique sales processes

  • Author of two books; "Remarkable" and "18"

  • Founder of (acquired by 2016)

  • Founder of The Vaikido Hero Unschool

Some of Toby's personal active interests;

  • Family

  • Vaikido coaching

  • Bow hunting

  • Fishing

  • Nutrition and fitness

Dormant, but not forgotten;

  • Commercial fishing: Bluefin tuna, Cod, Lobster

  • Aviation

  • Triathlon

Don’t brute force things. You might tear a hamstring.
— Toby LaVigne