Void Labels (For Cleanrooms & Critical Environments)

Assure the integrity of your cleanroom supplies with custom void labels that imprint an unmissable "VOID" message when any removal or tampering is attempted. Low outgassing, non-particulating, and residue-free, our custom void labels maintain their integrity even in the extreme strain of your cleanroom environment and shipping or storage conditions.

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Choose from a Wide Range of Cleanroom Void Labels & Instantly Identify Compromised Equipment

Over the last 40 years, we've helped thousands of cleanrooms secure their equipment and packages with our void label solutions.

Built to secure your cleanroom packages and equipment

By helping you keep your cleanrooms safe of corrupt packages and equipment, our cleanroom-grade void labels don't just guarantee peace of mind for you but also improve your productivity by detecting damaged products easily and early-on.

Our cleanroom void labels show evident visual signs of any attempted removal, thereby helping you identify any compromised component and stop it from entering your cleanroom infrastructure or production cycle.


These void labels can be designed to leave the void message on the substrate, or on the back or the label, or on both. The way we create them, intact removal becomes impossible failing any attempted forgeries to your cleanroom equipment. So, forget the fears of the "Hair Dryer" hack or "skilled hands." There's no way to "adjust" our void labels back to the original state once they've been tampered with.

Built for tough cleanroom usage

It doesn't matter if you want to use these these void labels to secure the smallest parts of your microelectronic circuit board or use a sterilized version of these void labels inside your medical equipment manufacturing cleanroom, these void labels will do their job.

Built for a long shelf-life, our void labels guarantee the integrity of your cleanroom equipment and are impossible to remove without leaving proof.

They're built to the strictest quality assurance and business standards meant for cleanrooms and operate with full accuracy even in severe conditions such as very high or low temperature, pressure, and humidity — and also throughout the entire equipment shipping and storage cycle.

Fully customizable to meet your cleanroom's unique needs

Need fully customized void labels that will be chemically compatible with your cleanroom's unique processing fluids and conditions and still maintain their integrity?

Or, need to replace the "VOID" message with a personalized one such as your company's name or something else? Just tell us and we'll build for you a turn-key void label solution that will work, no matter what! In fact, building custom void labels for challenging use cases is one of our superpowers at ClearMark Labels!

The Different Industries We Make Void Labels For:

(In addition to cleanrooms, we offer custom void label solutions for non-critical environments and applications as well.)

  • Research

  • Electronics

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotech

  • Medical device & Life Sciences

  • Defence

  • Semiconductor

  • Microelectronics

  • Optical Manufacturing

  • Specialized & Precision Engineering

  • Automotive


Cleanmark Stickology™ Series: Void Labels


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