Commitment to Quality

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Enabling our customer's success journey is foundational to everything we do at CleanMark. Our customers expect the highest quality cleanroom labels, and we are committed to exceeding expectations. We excel by setting the highest standards for ourselves, putting people first, and fostering a transparent, no-blame culture. We adopt a proactive system of clear communications with our customers, partners, and stakeholders regarding the value and trust we bring to them. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and strive to create a synergistic workforce that embodies CleanMark's core values and the principles of quality and integrity.

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CleanMark Quality Policy

Customer Success
Is Our Focus

We want to support the world's ambition to deliver transformational technologies and products aimed at improving the quality of life for everyone. Our role in supporting this is harnessing our ability to efficiently deliver high-performance labels that enables you remain focused on improving mankind.

Our Core Values
Guide Us

CleanMark embraces serving our customers and partners with the highest level of quality and integrity in our work. Our decisions are always guided by what is in the best interest of our customers, ensuring that our labels perform as expected and are compliant with all applicable regulations. We push to maintain our level of quality standards through a rigorous approach toward continuous improvement.

Quality = Value

Our approach to quality is a competitive advantage for CleanMark. We create value by delivering high-performance, compliant, and consistent cleanroom labels on schedule. This will elevate us as a more sustainable business and a better partner for years to come.

Principles of Quality at CleanMark

Culture of Excellence

The core of quality at CleanMark starts with fostering a culture of excellence that embraces employee empowerment and high-level standards. Our culture reverberates throughout every facet of the organization, cementing our reputation as the premiere standard for engineered labels.

Strategic Governance

CleanMark leaders periodically audits team performance and employee fulfillment to ensure that core objectives are met, organizational direction is aligned, resources are responsibly allocated, and pathways for escalation resolution are provided.

Risk Mitigation

At CleanMark, we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of quality and safety. Our dedicated team actively identifies, evaluates, and resolves any concerns related to label quality, warehouse safety, employee well-being, and regulatory compliance. We proactively address both current issues and potential risks to ensure your peace of mind.

Operational Management

We handle processes, policies, procedures, and any related changes in a controlled manner that aligns with the level of risk.

Education & Training

At CleanMark, we prioritize the safety and effectiveness of our work functions by ensuring that all our employees undergo comprehensive training and education. They are equipped with the necessary core competencies to deliver exceptional results while adhering to our policies and work procedures.

Process Auditing

We have established comprehensive programs and plans to ensure the seamless operation of our services. We regularly review our processes, conduct thorough vendor audits, and perform compliance checks. These measures, aligned with our own policies and government regulations, allow us to maintain a consistent level of excellence that you can rely on.

Quality Management

We maintain and limit quality concerns with strategic methods of corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), including defined concept-to-product cycles, integrated data platforms, and process transparency.

Customer Relations

We prioritize clear and effective communication with our customers. We are committed to maintaining a strong and open line of communication, ensuring that you receive consistent and concise updates on all relevant activities.