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Maximize efficiency and quality with labels custom-made for your operations

Elevate your manufacturing with custom labels designed for precision and durability, ensuring perfect fit and enhanced product traceability. Streamline your production with labels that reduce waste, integrate with advanced technologies, and maintain the highest standards of environmental integrity.

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Key Benefits of Custom Labels in Manufacturing


Increased Precision in Labeling

Custom labels can be designed to meet exact specifications for size, shape, and material, ensuring they fit perfectly on products or components. This precision is crucial in industries where accurate labeling is essential for compliance, tracking, or branding.


Enhanced Durability and Performance

Labels can be engineered to withstand specific environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, or UV exposure. This ensures that they remain legible and intact throughout the product's lifespan.


Improved Efficiency in Production Line

Custom labels can be designed to be easier and faster to apply, either by hand or with automated equipment. This streamlines the production process, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Stable-Supply Chain

Reduced Waste and Material Costs

By tailoring labels to the exact needs of the product, manufacturers can minimize excess material usage and reduce waste, leading to cost savings and more environmentally friendly practices.

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Compatibility with Advanced Technologies

Custom labels can be designed to incorporate advanced features such as RFID chips, QR codes, or barcodes that integrate seamlessly with digital tracking and inventory systems.


Optimized for Specific Applications

Whether it's for pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, or food and beverage, custom labels can be optimized for the specific demands and regulations of various industries.

Precision in Every Dimension

Our Label Design Process Focuses On 3 Key Areas


We assess and select the optimal adhesive to ensure reliable bonding and removal suited to a range of substrates and application scenarios.


Our design process involves optimizing release and peel values for seamless integration with both manual and machine applied label processes.


We ensure compatibility with your printing systems and application conditions so that your labels remain legible over time.


Find the Right
Custom Labels

Evaluate our label samples in your environment to assess their performance under your specific conditions. This will help you feel sure about choosing the right labels for your needs. We have many kinds of labels and can send you samples quickly to help you decide.

What Our Customers Say


"The CleanMark team was informative about the different materials and print processes. They were able to quickly get me samples to test as well as pre-production proofs to verify label size, orientation and color. They fulfilled on their promise to decrease my delivery time while improving print quality."

Ernie Schrepfer

Associate Director of Quality at Access Biologicals