Autoclave Labels

Durable Labels Designed to Withstand High Temperatures and Sterilization Processes

Protect your critical information with our Autoclave Labels, designed to withstand high temperatures up to 135°C (275°F) during sterilization processes while maintaining clear legibility and strong adhesion. Engineered for reliability and fully customizable, these labels offer exceptional durability and compliance with industry standards. Ideal for healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and more, our labels ensure your data remains intact and accessible in the most demanding conditions. Easy to apply and resistant to moisture and chemicals, they are the essential solution for maintaining the integrity of your sterilized items.

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Reliable and Durable Autoclave Labels for Optimal Sterilization Management


  • Temperature Resistance: Our autoclave labels are engineered to withstand extremely high temperatures, ensuring they remain firmly adhered and intact without becoming brittle, even in autoclave environments up to 135°C (275°F).
  • Moisture Resistance: Designed to combat steam and humidity during sterilization, our labels are moisture-resistant, preventing smudging or disintegration, thereby preserving the legibility of critical information.
  • Adhesive Compatibility: Featuring specialized adhesives, our labels maintain exceptional bonding strength during high-temperature sterilization processes and ensure residue-free removal, making them ideal for various surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal.
  • Legibility: With high-contrast printing capabilities, our autoclave labels ensure clear and precise display of information, including text, barcodes, and QR codes, facilitating accurate item identification and efficient tracking.
  • Chemical Resistance: Constructed from durable materials, our labels resist chemicals and detergents used in sterilization and cleaning processes, ensuring they remain reliable and legible throughout their use.
Our labels are engineered to satisfy your project requirements for print quality, adherence
strength, and application method.

Label Design & Material Options

Select between paper or film liners available in a variety of colors.

We have adhesives for various uses: permanent, removable, and repositionable.

Pick from paper, polyester, vinyl, polyimide, polypropylene, and more.

Our printing capabilities include digital to traditional flexography, or opt for blank labels.

Choose from gloss, matte, or satin finish to enhance the visual impact and readability.

Optional feature protects labels to extend their life and add a premium finish.



Our labels are engineered to satisfy your project requirements for print quality, adherence
strength, and application method.

Determine the exact size of your labels to achieve ideal fit and function.

Label Configuration & Dimensions

Core Size:
Many available options for core diameters to ensure compatibility with your printers and dispensers.

Roll Outside Diameter:
Set the roll's outside diameter for your needs: larger diameters hold more labels, but requires compatible machinery.

Finished Web Width:
Pick the right web width, with backing and edge spacing to ensure labels align correctly for printing and application.

Adjust the label gap on rolls for easy application by hand or machine, ensuring optimal peel-off speed and accuracy.

Corner Radius:
Select the right corner radius to soften edges: smaller for sharp, larger for rounded, enhancing aesthetics and peel resistance.

Width and Length:
Specify the width and length to match your product precisely, from small labels for PCR tubes to large ones for bulk containers.


Label Configuration
& Dimensions

Determine the exact size of your labels to achieve ideal fit and function.

Versatile Autoclave Labels for Critical Sterilization Environments

Enhance compliance and operational integrity with our innovative, customized labeling solutions, specifically designed for autoclave sterilization needs.

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“The CleanMark team was informative about the different materials and print processes. They were able to quickly get me samples to test as well as
pre-production proofs to verify label size, orientation and color. They fulfilled on their promise to decrease my delivery time while improving print quality.”

Ernie Schrepfer
Associate Director of Quality at Access Biologicals

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How We Hit The Mark

Our engineering process evaluates three dimensions of label performance to design labels that align with your operational needs for optimal performance.



Maximize release and peel values for seamless integration with both manual and machine applied processes.



Ensure reliable bonding and removal suited to a range of substrates and use conditions.



Assure compatibility with printing systems and use conditions so that labels remain legible over time.

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