Cleanroom Tape

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Cleanroom tape is engineered to excel in controlled environments, adhering to ISO-5 cleanroom standards by providing ultra-low particle and residue-free performance. It serves as a vital component in maintaining the integrity of controlled environments and finds applications across industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and aerospace. Whether used for sealing critical barriers, marking boundaries, or securing protective apparel, cleanroom tape plays a pivotal role in cleanliness and contamination control. Our cleanroom tape range includes various color options, allowing for easy visual differentiation and organization within controlled environments, enhancing efficiency and safety. Explore our cleanroom tape solutions, thoughtfully designed to meet your specific needs and elevate the success and safety of your operations.

General Purpose
Cleanroom Tape

CleanMark's General Purpose Cleanroom Tape is tailored for environments demanding high cleanliness standards.


CleanMark's Cleanroom Packaging Tape is specifically designed for use in environments where high levels of cleanliness are essential.

Floor Tape

CleanMark's Cleanroom Floor Tape is specially designed for use in cleanrooms, where maintaining a high level of cleanliness and organization is essential.

Color Coded

CleanMark's Cleanroom Color Coding Tape is designed to support efficient organization and identification in cleanroom environments.

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